Reform to win light and space

Reform to win light and space

It is more than likely that this Australian home owners never imagine its enormous potential. Only needed reform to gain light and space to become a comfortable and contemporary construction. The study Sketch Building Design was responsible for this ambitious comprehensive decoration project. Pull partitions and redistribute the interior. This house is a clear example of a well-planned comprehensive reform is possible to achieve excellent results. The Building Design Sketch […]

Materials Solid Wood for kitchen furniture

Materials for kitchen furniture

The choice of kitchen furniture is paramount. As happens with the furniture of other rooms of the house as the living room, dining room or bedroom, keep in mind that they meet aesthetic and functional feature, so you have to decide what we want for decorative style kitchen think about what the work we’ll play it are. From there everything will be much easier. Special attention should be paid to […]

Rotating walls Photos

Rotating walls to separate areas

Although long the norm in homes and commercial spaces or work was that they were divided into different rooms through walls and doors today open spaces, ie different rooms in a take. In these spaces, yes, it is necessary to use different resources to separate areas: painting, certain furniture, carpets, screens. What we show today is a new way to separate environments that give a touch of the most original […]

New decorative trend rattan furniture

7 dining eclectic style and vivid colors

The dining areas are areas that are especially suited to the mixture and free combination of materials, colors and styles. The table and chairs can have different origins, but to create eclectic dining there is a subtle thread in the composition, which try to decipher through these seven examples that we show today. Modern Dutch Style A white stage, studied natural wood and splashes of color are the keys to […]

Tiny house Architecture

Tiny house with everything you need to live

This tiny house, just 18 square meters, is a typical Tiny House Movement (small houses), the popular way of referring to the architectural and social movement that promotes living in prefabricated microcasas. The movement of the houses tiny, which originated in Japan in the nineties with the name kyosho Jutaku (literally “microcasas”), has come to the West through the United States, where in a short time has become all a […]